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17 mayo 2012 4 17 /05 /mayo /2012 11:00


It’s a tricky question for an exercise. The risk questionnaire we had last Monday in the class was asking  “Have you ever been out with someone you met on the Internet”. We were supposed to work in groups and interview one another. So I did. When it was my answer time I accepted the threat and took the risk.

I chickened out when I was about to speak and  thought for myself, “you’d better say no, never” but I weighed up the pros and cons and decided that it was worthwhile  saying yes so that I could see the effect of taking the risk.

Thinking that this kind of exercises are getting close to an Alcoholics Anonimous session  I took my answer as a challenge and I gave them my little history forgetting all the embarrassment .

I wanted to start by a “once upon a time” but I just said: ”one day I was at home on my own feeling miserable and remembering the quite life I was having some years ago married and with a child but when this  day-to-day fairy tale life disappeared I had to take some action and try to be as much happy as possible living alone.

 At nights sleeping properly was difficult and I got bored of reading my book in my sweet time. For a change, one night  I sat down in front of my computer and started dating on the Internet. And there he was, Mr. Something was looking at me from his best photo taken. I don’t remember now what nickname he was using. He was American. He must still be, of course, very straightforward and looking attractive from his still image.

 We met the next morning for a coffee, and that was all, I haven’t  seen him again.

My colleagues in the class didn’t blink while I was talking,  they paid a lot of attention to the story but, no need to say,  I invented the end.

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