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16 diciembre 2013 1 16 /12 /diciembre /2013 18:51


Have you ever tried to find a person through the Internet?. It is not that easy. The global public network is not that public and there are a lot of people with the same name. I have been looking for Daniel Scott's address in Australia for a while. We wanted to send him and his family a Christmas Greetings postcard. Last year we tried to find out his whereabouts. I used Google and Linkedln and yes I found a Daniel Scott, travel writer, who lived on  the Australian coast. I was happy and I wrote to that Daniel Scott travel writer with no success.

It seems that he wasn't on Facebook any more or using that Linkedln account nor was he at the address I found on Google.

Today, at last I decided to send him a Tweet to an account and gosh! his address in Twitter had been hacked. Yes it was my Daniel Scott travel writer but ... hacked.

Maybe I will have to go back to the old ways and find his telephone number via International Phone Information but calling him directly could be too risky. I'm not going to explain the story here, it is too risky because as time passes by things change and here there is a sort of family misunderstanding, so let us see if Twitter helps relationships or not...

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