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   Peña is gorgeous in "A berenar a Ginebra" playing Mercè Rodoreda at the time she was a sixty-five year-old living exiled in Geneva.

   Catalan television showed a late-night film directed by Ventura Pons in 2012 and based on interviews literature critic Josep Maria Castellet, played by Joan Carreres, made with the writer in her Geneva home.

   Rodoreda (Vicky Peña) revealed during the visit some of the secrets she had never talked about before, mainly her thirty-year relationship with writer Armand Obiols, a married man working at the time as a United Nations translator in Vienna. 

   Discrete music composed by Albert Guinovart emphasises the most important moments of the film together with themagnificent photography of Sergi Gallardo, showing Rodoreda's face in great detail and her leading moments always accompanied by a giggle, as she used to do in her real life.

   Rodoreda wrote her successful novel "La Plaça del Diamant" (Diamant's Square), a book that has been translated intomany languages, in Geneva with a lot of nostalgia for her Catalonia and her childhood. "To write I need to live bored and closed", she says.

   Ventura Pons has made a very emotional film going through these secrets and quoting what Rodoreda thinks in the sense of "saying with simplicity important things is not always achieved". But Pons, who also wrote the script, has achieved this simplicity putting on screen the words of Rodoreda who never before wanted to speak about her private life.

   2413493802_414ae51164.jpgThe film also reveals a an important part of the exile Catalan writers had to live only for the fact of writing in Catalan and follows with a voiceover of Rodoreda coming back to her home town and living retired in Romanyà de la Selva (1972-1983) , a little town in Girona where she made her home until she died in 1983.

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