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28 enero 2012 6 28 /01 /enero /2012 23:07

Scotland has oil, we haven’t, Scotland will have a referenda on independence, we will not

   Scotland has oil, we haven’t, Scotland will have a referenda on independence, we will not


   I’m happy for Scotland and the Scottish people.  Alex  Salmond, the Scottish First Minister, promised a referendum on the independence of the country and they are going to have it. It seems that it will be hold on 25th January 2014, birthday day of Robert Burns, the Scottish national poet. The question they will ask is not clear yet. David Cameron does not have the same idea for it as the Scottish have.

  I wonder when Catalonia will have a referendum like that, we are far away from it. Even though the idea arises every now and then but referenda in Spain is a banned matter. Only a matter or question of State. And we don’t have oil. Believe me or not, this is an important point. The 80% of the North Sea oil is Scotish. Yet we don’t have a Catalan Premier League. Scottish do.

   Four million people live and work in Scotland and Salmond want to ask the vote of young people aged 16 and 17. Why not if an Scottish of this age can marry,  join the Army and pay taxes.

   Scottish Premier makes his point saying that the referendum will be hold not because he thinks that Scotland is better than any other country, just because “we are as god as others”, he says.

  One of the interesting proposals already announced for the alleged new country is a Scotland free of nuclear weapons. For the time being they have Trident  submarines.

  So good luck people from the Loch Ness and the Scottish tild, I still remember when I married in Brussels that one of the guests came for the occasion with this knee-length garment with pleats.

  Please Mr. Salmond prepare a good referenda, if you can skip  10 Downing Street and remember that Quebec lost it in 1995 for a little percentatge, 49,42% of the votes said yes.


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