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21 enero 2012 6 21 /01 /enero /2012 21:46




I came back to the good weather, leaving behind many degrees below zero. Yet  I left as well some people that I will have in my heart. Bye bye Daniel, bye bye Christian, bye bye Radin and many others, hope to see you again at some point, I really miss you all.

A sort of Indian Summer welcomed me. I have been walking in the beach with Trufa. Trufa is my doggie, she missed me as well, my daughter is happy to have me back, so are some of the friends I'm seeing tomorrow Sunday, at least I hope so.

After all Christmas festivities that here last a lot, till the 6th January, the Holy Kings, and having been eating a lot, routine is here again. I'm trying to get back to work as soon as possible, we will see because it seems they don't want me to work till summertime. 

Routine could be a good thing and I have choosen it because I said no to Margarita's proposal of going to Tahiland. She is there in a nice beach. I couldn't afford it in many terms, in money and in energy. The possibility of going forward, beyond the border to Burma, rang me a bell because I've been admiring and following "The Lady", she is now sixty-six I think and maybe she will be next President of the country after defeating the militaries next April. I'll keep an eye to it.

Meanwhile, here I am. Nuriainbarcelona. I was in Toronto as a mature student. I'm in Barcelona as a citizen, as a worker, as a journalist, as a mother, as a doggie owner, as, as, as, as...

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