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12 junio 2012 2 12 /06 /junio /2012 11:09



   I’m living by the beach. I see the sea from my window and this makes me happy and calm. I couldn’t live for a long time in a place where there is neither sea nor lake nor a big river. Water has accompanied me all my life. Maybe I’m a fish, who knows. Actually scientists say that life started in the sea.

  Though I lived for a while in cities where I could neither see the sea nor feel it, its smell, its noise, look at the storms and admire them, see the different colours. Something was lacking and as soon as I could, I went to meet my beautiful sea. It doesn’t matter if it is the Mediterranean, the North Sea or even Lake Ontario.

   My maritime compulsion made me choose somewhere by the sea to establish myself. And here I am, living by the beach.

   However there are problems about living by the beach.

Other people like myself want to enjoy the beach, my beach, but this is a public beach and I have to share it.  As I don’t like sunbathing and I go to the beach to dive, to put my head under the water and say hello to the sea, on my way to the water I have to put up with families with transistors and loud music, children playing with the sand and all kind of week-enders that have driven a few kilometers to get a tan. It’s their right.

   Summer is arriving, I’ll be working hard but I’ll not dismiss having a swim when I finish work and saying hello to my beach, even if there are still in late afternoon lots of people that have not returned home and are relaxing and lying in the sand.


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