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Yes, it's been two years now!.

Two years ago I started writing this blog. I was living in Toronto, at Daniel Schwartz's house, on Concord Avenue, in a detached Victorian house.

I was writing on the old table Daniel had in the kitchen, letting my imagination and dreams fly while I was looking at the rear courtyard the house has.

I joined an English as a Second Language course at Ryerson University. I think I was the oldest of the pupils, together with a Quebecois man that I am no longuer in contact with. Pity. I will send a Christmas Greetings postcard to tell him that I have not forgotten these days.

Actually the blog was helping me at the time in Toronto in two ways. First of all to practise my English and to write some of the presentations I had to do for the class and secondly to fulfil my loneliness. 

Daniel is a nice guy, he is a journalist too at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and he is a workaholic. I used to be addicted to work as well and now I realize that I have lost a lot of opportunities in life for this reason. Life is worth living it and there's something more outside of the work place.  I have already written on this and on how is free time worthwhile.

I considered staying in Toronto but  my family is in Barcelona and Toronto is far away so I went back.


Nuriaintoronto is now Nuriainbarcelona


Thus, last year I wasn't anymore Nuriaintoronto, I was Nuriainbarcelona and I tried to continue writing my blog in English. So I did but only for a while and now here I'm trying to start up again after a little break.

I loved the blog I considered it something like my personal diary. A friend to explain the new experiences I was having at that stage of my life with no work or family obligations. But after being "nuriaintoronto" things changed and even though I wanted to keep on writing as"nuriainbarcelona" I only succeeded when I had to do it for homework although I will keep my writing about personal subjects. 

Now I'm attending a class at Barcelona's Journalists Association. It is a sort of  workshop in English for journalists and we had a first amusing and profitable session. 

I promise that Nuriainbarcelona will keep on writing.

Thank you Ben.




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