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27 noviembre 2013 3 27 /11 /noviembre /2013 14:25



They are 5,2 million people, 8,3 per cent of the United Kingdom population. They are about to vote in a referendum that will ask if WOULD SCOTLAND BE AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY


Alex Salmond and his Scotish National Party (SNP) presented this week some six hundred pages on what the independence of Scotland will be if the Scotish vote YES.


For the moment polls say that NO is going to defeat YES but the ballots will be delivered next 18th september. Ten months to go and the tendency could vary.


As per the book “Scotland's Future”  the SNP presented, if the Scotish say YES Scotland will be an independent country in 2016 and after 18 months negotiations could be integrated in the European Union still with the Sterling as their currency and Elisabeth the Second as the Head of State.


Referenda was accorded by the SNP  with U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, a sort of thing that we catalans will try to negotiate with Mariano Rajoy with a forseable lack of luck.


The Scotish National Party leads Scotland with absolute majority and here in Catalonia the parties for the referendum are a majority at the Catalan Parliement.


If the YES SCOTLAND wins the nuclear submarines that Britain has in the Scotish coast wil be withdrawn and Scotland will be a country with no nuclear weapons even if they try to remain as a part of NATO. 


Catalonia is still lost in the question and timetable of its own referendum. A referenda that Catalan Government wanted to celebrate before Scotland because of an eventual defeat of the YES SCOTLAND.


We admire the democratic development of the Scotish process and negotiation held between Salmond and David Cameron. No way or no comparison with what Catalonia is living in its path to the same process.


Salmond book promises a new State with strong ties with Great Britain, with far more social protection and free hands to lead the economy towards a new welfare state.


Scotland has oil and whisky, we Catalans have a nice sun and turist seaside ressorts. We have olive oil and good "pa amb tomàquet". We have a lot of enthusiam for the process though, maybe a feeling that you could be jealous of.


We are the south of this European Union more and more poor and unemployed. Please Scotland do your best to win the process. The question you are asking is very clear. Hope that the YES gets more and more supporters. We are following you, don't let us down.



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