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8 mayo 2012 2 08 /05 /mayo /2012 12:50



Yesterday I watched a major international sport competition, the Champion’s League football match between Barça and Chelsea. In their pursuit of excellence Barça lost the match. I’m saying pursuit of excellence because of the way Barça plays.

The Catalan team is not aggressive at all and I believe they lost the game because they didn’t attack as much as the experts say it has to be done in such sporting events.

Barça lost the match because Chelsea scored in the last few minutes when the Catalan  players were paralysed waiting for the instructions of the referee and neglected the protection of their goal. Chelsea took great advantage of the situation and scored.

I wonder in what cases pursuit of excellence justifies being aggressive, at least a little bit. For sure in football games it should be. This is what I heard in the interviews made to supporters and the opinions of sport journalists. They said Barça should be much more aggressive than it currently is.

This having been said let us point out that life is not a football match. We don’t have to win or lose. At least this is my own opinion, what I think at this very moment of my life.

On the other hand I would like to stress and always making reference to that football match that  Barça’s international defeat this time was followed by a much more meaningful loss with Real Madrid winning a match to the always considered Catalan National team in their own territory, in Barcelona.

Taking into consideration the present social and economic situation of Catalonia and the rest of Spain as well as the growing conflict of the Catalans with the State because of the assets owed, the only good news we had for the time being were Barça’s pursuit of excellence in the constant victories of the team. Will this attitude be changed after the latest sporting events and the resignation of their coach.

It remains to be seen.

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