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I was confused before starting to put black and white an idea on what is art for me. I looked it up in the Internet to see an official definition.

Mr Google and Mrs Wikipedia, better the last one, think that art is generally understood as any activity or product made by human beings with aesthetic or communicative purpose through which  people can express ideas, emotions of a general view of the world and all this with the means of plastic arts, lingüístic, sound, a mixture of them and many others

And Wikipedia goes on and on about the origins of this latin word.

I like writing and this is what I do for a living. My writing is journalistic, not literary and I don’t consider it any kind of art maybe because I do it professionally. Nevertheless I write to communicate and I try to do it as nicely and attractively possible for  the readers. For, is that art, no it isn’t.

But let us think for a while and be respectful to artists. If painters paint or draw to express their ideas or to communicate and they sell their works of art is that still art?. Yes no doubt it is. So, am I an artist?.The answer is no, no way.

Who is an artist then.

I remember taking my daughter as a child to a Miro exhibition and as she was contemplating one of the pictures she looked very worried and tugging at my sleeve she said: Mom, mom, he has gone off the lines. In her child perception Miró was a bad pupil because at school they were asked to draw inside the lines. I suppose at the beginning of the learning process, in this case at school, one has to follow the rules and when you more or less master them you can start art.

As I try to put the preceding ideas on the paper I realize that I’m going nowhere and I’m not clarifying anything.

I’ll leave it as it is. Art is everything, even the way or the movement caused by a leaf falling off from a branch. If you don’t beleive it let’s go to the beginning of the cinema, the illusion of motion. Cinema is often called the seventh art and their most acclamed inventors were scientists willing to show a phenomenom or action.




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