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While we re getting to know Edinburgh, Scotland, its people and landscapes,  we brought into a heroine of this country, Mary Queen of Scots, considered one of the most controversial monarch of the 16th. century. Her life is still shrouded in mystery!.

She was found guilty of plotting to murder Elizabeth 1st. And ultimately sentenced to death by the Queen after and 18 year imprisonement.

Films and plays have been done about Mary and we just saw a new play at Fringe s Laughing Horse at the Hannover Tap created by Sarah MacGillivray with Phil Bartlett.
The English young director and the Scottish actress offer a play inspired by the life of Mary Queen of Scots but given a distinctly modern twist to it.

On stage Marie, played by Sarah MacGillivray,  a fast paced and irreverent Marie, a young woman from Edinburgh who steps off a train in London determined to meet her dreams a reality and Liz a landlady of a Cockney pub.

MacGillivray plays the two characters and takes them back every now and then to Mary’s Queen of Scots time establishing a parallelism in a darkly comic performance.
At the beginning the actress staring into the audience eyes says that there s two rules, first, the person you choose must be dead. And second, you have to be dressed up to get in.


Laughing House and Sarah MacGillivray
Laughing House and Sarah MacGillivray

Laughing House and Sarah MacGillivray

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