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15 septiembre 2017 5 15 /09 /septiembre /2017 18:38
Almost six years ago I discovered her and admired her, she is or was known as the feminine Nelson Mandela and considered a Lady of the Human Rights struggle, as shown in the film "Aung San Suu Kyi, the Lady".
She spent more than a decade under house arrest and made hunker strikes to protest against military rule on Burma, her country.

She was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1991 while jailed and she sacrified her family life.

Ms Suu Kyi’s party LND won  2012 elections and had a majority in Myanmar’s parliament after a historic election. But she was barred by the constitution from becoming president because of her foreign family ties.

Her government has recently come under fire for alleged “ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya people; a Muslim minority group in Myanmar.

The Nobel peace prize laureate is facing severe international criticism over her government’s treatment of about 1.1 million Rohingya, one of the world’s most persecuted groups.

What are you doing Suu Kyi, have you forgotten what you had to go through, it is your responsability, you won an election after a long struggle. You cannot leave these people die, they are as burnese as you are.

About 73,000 Rohingya refugees have fled across the border from Myanmar to Bangladesh over the past week, with aid workers warning that relief camps can take no more.

Myanmar's military says almost 400 people have died in recent violence in the western state of Rakhine Credit: AP Photo/Bernat Armangue

Nearly 400 people have officially died since the exodus began on August 25 after Rohingya insurgents attacked Myanmar paramilitary posts, in what they claimed was an attempt to protect their Muslim minority from persecution.

The military responded with sweeping “clearance operations”, declaring the majority of casualties were militants.

But Rohingya human rights activists countered that at least 1,000, mainly civilians, had been massacred by government soldiers.

Pope Francis calls for "full rights" for Rohingya Muslims

“There are one thousand confirmed Rohingya people who have been killed by the Burmese army… and that [death] toll may be much higher,” claimed Tun Khin, President of the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK.    

“The military is burning down many villages. They are throwing children into the fire,” he told The Telegraph.  

Reports of civilian casualties were backed by an aid official in Bangladesh who told AP that over 50 refugees had arrived with bullet injuries.

Many are also suffering from respiratory diseases and malnutrition.

Refugees reaching the Bangladeshi fishing village of Shah Porir Dwip also described Rohingya being burned alive and bombs exploding near their homes.

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23 agosto 2017 3 23 /08 /agosto /2017 19:44


While we re getting to know Edinburgh, Scotland, its people and landscapes,  we brought into a heroine of this country, Mary Queen of Scots, considered one of the most controversial monarch of the 16th. century. Her life is still shrouded in mystery!.

She was found guilty of plotting to murder Elizabeth 1st. And ultimately sentenced to death by the Queen after and 18 year imprisonement.

Films and plays have been done about Mary and we just saw a new play at Fringe s Laughing Horse at the Hannover Tap created by Sarah MacGillivray with Phil Bartlett.
The English young director and the Scottish actress offer a play inspired by the life of Mary Queen of Scots but given a distinctly modern twist to it.

On stage Marie, played by Sarah MacGillivray,  a fast paced and irreverent Marie, a young woman from Edinburgh who steps off a train in London determined to meet her dreams a reality and Liz a landlady of a Cockney pub.

MacGillivray plays the two characters and takes them back every now and then to Mary’s Queen of Scots time establishing a parallelism in a darkly comic performance.
At the beginning the actress staring into the audience eyes says that there s two rules, first, the person you choose must be dead. And second, you have to be dressed up to get in.


Laughing House and Sarah MacGillivray
Laughing House and Sarah MacGillivray

Laughing House and Sarah MacGillivray

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Published by nuriaintoronto - en Theatre Edinburgh
23 agosto 2017 3 23 /08 /agosto /2017 18:27
AT ADAM HOUSE. Monday 21st. August 2017 Edinburgh s Fringe

AT ADAM HOUSE. Monday 21st. August 2017 Edinburgh s Fringe


I finally got it!. I got the ticket to see Brexit the Musical, a play that has had rave reviews.
I did not have to read between lines, everything was on stage.
Brexit the Musical is a pantomime of Tory politicians in office during these Brexit times, backed non/stop by a brilliant orchestra of seven musicians. Eight characters in a wild goose chase for a plan, a plan to implement Brexit in the U.K.
A leather trouser and leopard shoe wearing Theresa May angry with an utterly useless Chancellor, Boris Johnson, the person directly responsable for Brexit, in Union Jack pants.
We start with David Cameron and Mrs. Cameron, May, Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn singing , democracy, democracy, to thee laughter of the audience.
It is worth going to Adam House with to shows a day completely sold out. Maybe you ll be as lucky as I have been.
This year s Fringe has 9 shows about Brexit and Trump and from here I Seend to the artists a break a leg in this ninety years old Fringe and Edinburgh festival. 

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16 agosto 2017 3 16 /08 /agosto /2017 17:21


Stimulating iniciative to go to the performance after having discussed Social Media and Language and after discussing points like if we felt social media brought us closer togeher, or further apart....

Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons is speaking about that and much more as it's about a couple coping with the usual shit. Oliver, performed by Euan Kits and Bernadette by Beth Holmes, are not having any communication and see how the first flush of love has faded. It seems this are big issue at this year's Fringe.

Text has been written by Sam Steiner three years ago and is a production of Ed Franklin's in a Walrus very young company, bitty and sarcastic, that mentions the limits of language with the 140 words Twitter permits, how people don't think a lot voting, Kit's said, Trump or Brexit.

I did specially like Kit s work, expressive and active, in his character of right on, political, pedantic and rather full of himself.

I have to mention that after the play and thanks to our teacher Claire we had the opportunity of chatting with the two actors and the director of the play that has already been on stage around more that two years now.
















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14 agosto 2017 1 14 /08 /agosto /2017 22:55


I arrived in Edinburgh last Saturday  (12th. August) and my first job has been looking around Chalmers  St. to see where am I going to live these days. Believe me, Edinburgh is a theatre stage with all comediants trying to show the best of their performances. 

Wherever I go the Edinburgh castle is watching, magnificient and a little bit frightening.

Besides two or three street theatre shows he have seen like Renes Mazing making things to dis Appearing nightly and the 12 Cabare, a modern queer version of Shakespeare s 12 night, we ended up going to a performance of the Spitfire Company in association with the Zoo Venues, part of Czech Showcase, called The Narrator, one woman show very energetic, a piece of physical theatre performed by Cecile Da Costa.

Breaking bricks with a hammer, Da costa presented a story about secrets, about unspeakable truth, about being a woman, a mother, and counting every possible thing. Extreme physical strain sometimes difficult to understand and very personal.

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4 agosto 2017 5 04 /08 /agosto /2017 17:40


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19 diciembre 2013 4 19 /12 /diciembre /2013 12:21



   Peña is gorgeous in "A berenar a Ginebra" playing Mercè Rodoreda at the time she was a sixty-five year-old living exiled in Geneva.

   Catalan television showed a late-night film directed by Ventura Pons in 2012 and based on interviews literature critic Josep Maria Castellet, played by Joan Carreres, made with the writer in her Geneva home.

   Rodoreda (Vicky Peña) revealed during the visit some of the secrets she had never talked about before, mainly her thirty-year relationship with writer Armand Obiols, a married man working at the time as a United Nations translator in Vienna. 

   Discrete music composed by Albert Guinovart emphasises the most important moments of the film together with themagnificent photography of Sergi Gallardo, showing Rodoreda's face in great detail and her leading moments always accompanied by a giggle, as she used to do in her real life.

   Rodoreda wrote her successful novel "La Plaça del Diamant" (Diamant's Square), a book that has been translated intomany languages, in Geneva with a lot of nostalgia for her Catalonia and her childhood. "To write I need to live bored and closed", she says.

   Ventura Pons has made a very emotional film going through these secrets and quoting what Rodoreda thinks in the sense of "saying with simplicity important things is not always achieved". But Pons, who also wrote the script, has achieved this simplicity putting on screen the words of Rodoreda who never before wanted to speak about her private life.

   2413493802_414ae51164.jpgThe film also reveals a an important part of the exile Catalan writers had to live only for the fact of writing in Catalan and follows with a voiceover of Rodoreda coming back to her home town and living retired in Romanyà de la Selva (1972-1983) , a little town in Girona where she made her home until she died in 1983.

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18 diciembre 2013 3 18 /12 /diciembre /2013 22:39

  •    It's very cruel what I see when Christmas approaches. Yes, it is cruelty seeing poor Father Christmas, an old man with white hair and white beard, hanging by a lot of windows. You have him in different sizes and mostly bought in Chinese shops. He is not Chinese though, he comes from the north of Europe and enters Spanish homes by the window but as long as we know he should arrive on Christmas Eve not that much before. We have seen him form almost a month hanging above our heads on a rope. He withstands rain and wind and every now and then moves from his former position and his hands don't grasp the rope anymore. Poor thing!, the rope has moved and he is not trying to escalate the walls of the houses anymore.

   Help!, that horrible rope encircles his neck and he is looking at us with despair. Please, save Father Christmas.



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16 diciembre 2013 1 16 /12 /diciembre /2013 18:51


Have you ever tried to find a person through the Internet?. It is not that easy. The global public network is not that public and there are a lot of people with the same name. I have been looking for Daniel Scott's address in Australia for a while. We wanted to send him and his family a Christmas Greetings postcard. Last year we tried to find out his whereabouts. I used Google and Linkedln and yes I found a Daniel Scott, travel writer, who lived on  the Australian coast. I was happy and I wrote to that Daniel Scott travel writer with no success.

It seems that he wasn't on Facebook any more or using that Linkedln account nor was he at the address I found on Google.

Today, at last I decided to send him a Tweet to an account and gosh! his address in Twitter had been hacked. Yes it was my Daniel Scott travel writer but ... hacked.

Maybe I will have to go back to the old ways and find his telephone number via International Phone Information but calling him directly could be too risky. I'm not going to explain the story here, it is too risky because as time passes by things change and here there is a sort of family misunderstanding, so let us see if Twitter helps relationships or not...

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8 diciembre 2013 7 08 /12 /diciembre /2013 19:12



Yes, it's been two years now!.

Two years ago I started writing this blog. I was living in Toronto, at Daniel Schwartz's house, on Concord Avenue, in a detached Victorian house.

I was writing on the old table Daniel had in the kitchen, letting my imagination and dreams fly while I was looking at the rear courtyard the house has.

I joined an English as a Second Language course at Ryerson University. I think I was the oldest of the pupils, together with a Quebecois man that I am no longuer in contact with. Pity. I will send a Christmas Greetings postcard to tell him that I have not forgotten these days.

Actually the blog was helping me at the time in Toronto in two ways. First of all to practise my English and to write some of the presentations I had to do for the class and secondly to fulfil my loneliness. 

Daniel is a nice guy, he is a journalist too at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and he is a workaholic. I used to be addicted to work as well and now I realize that I have lost a lot of opportunities in life for this reason. Life is worth living it and there's something more outside of the work place.  I have already written on this and on how is free time worthwhile.

I considered staying in Toronto but  my family is in Barcelona and Toronto is far away so I went back.


Nuriaintoronto is now Nuriainbarcelona


Thus, last year I wasn't anymore Nuriaintoronto, I was Nuriainbarcelona and I tried to continue writing my blog in English. So I did but only for a while and now here I'm trying to start up again after a little break.

I loved the blog I considered it something like my personal diary. A friend to explain the new experiences I was having at that stage of my life with no work or family obligations. But after being "nuriaintoronto" things changed and even though I wanted to keep on writing as"nuriainbarcelona" I only succeeded when I had to do it for homework although I will keep my writing about personal subjects. 

Now I'm attending a class at Barcelona's Journalists Association. It is a sort of  workshop in English for journalists and we had a first amusing and profitable session. 

I promise that Nuriainbarcelona will keep on writing.

Thank you Ben.




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